So Far, So Good

So this is a picture of The Nemesis — the unfinished portion of the HAWKSPAR rewrite.

As you can see, even though it is all handily paperclipped, it is still sitting there, lurking, a vast and terrifying bulk.

Therefore, following Douglas Adams’ artful solution for nasty problems, I’ve painted it pink and wrapped a mental S.E.P Field* around it,

*(Somebody Else’s Problem)

so that Today Mind does not have to deal with it. It is not my problem. It is Tomorrow Mind’s problem, and Tomorrow Mind can deal with it, with my blessing.

With the bulk of The Nemesis removed, Today Mind is free to work without worry. To do this, Today Mind has handy references in place.

And Today Mind is pretty much kicking ass, having already finished five pages of write-in while looking at a tiny little pile of paper that IS Today Mind’s problem. Tiny little pile is a Doable Problem, and Today Mind assures me it is up to the task.

Seriously, sometimes you have to play these games with yourself just to get through this. Whatever works.

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