Snow… FFS! But 1259 words that I love, and 27,647 words total… and your picture of the building map I drew yesterday.

It snowed at around three in the morning, and it’s sputtering again now. Fortunately, while the snow has been sticking, the temperature has never dropped below freezing, so we shouldn’t lose blooming flowers, or tender crops, or my spectacular personal back-yard display of dandelions and violets.

(And absolutely no sarcasm here — dandelions and wild violets are my two favorite spring flowers, and have been since I was about five. About some things, I’m remarkably consistent.)Late Snow 021 04 21 07 26 02

Picture is my back yard and the yards behind it, just a few minutes ago.

On to work. I’ll have to take tomorrow off for personal matters, so there’s not likely to be a blog post…

But today the words flew. And I loved what I got. Nice twists, a fun discovery, and small hints toward the scary bits in the story’s near future.

Finally, as I mentioned yesterday, I needed to map out a building for the book, and I drew it into my bullet journal so that I wouldn’t misplace it (which is a problem I have with maps in general). And I wanted to show it to you, and finally got the picture from the phone to my blog so you can see it.

I blocked out story spoilers.

Everything else, you can safely see.

The Mysterious Building OHIO NOVEL 2021 04 21 10 35 34

The fictional locals have a derogatory name for this ultra-modern monstrosity which I do use in the book but which I won’t use in the blog. It’s probably mostly guessable, though. 😀 (I am pleased to note that no equivalently hideous ultra-modern monstrosity exists in the town in real life.)

I’ll also state that if you’re a character in the story, you do not want to be identified as a visitor when you go into this building. If you don’t work there and have an employee badge, your best bet is to stay far, far away from “Redacted” Enterprises. While I didn’t realize it while I was drawing and labelling things, I discovered that “visitors” is in quotes for a dark and evil reason.

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2 responses to “Snow… FFS! But 1259 words that I love, and 27,647 words total… and your picture of the building map I drew yesterday.”

  1. Mike Lucas Avatar

    Snow and writing just seem to go together, don’t they? 🙂

    1. Holly Avatar

      Well, it’s pleasant to write while it’s snowing. But if you look forward to going out walking after work, snow is and sleeting rain is not your buddy.

      Okay, mileage may vary. It’s not MY buddy.

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