Sneaking Fiction

By Holly Lisle

And here I am again. Full day of work behind me, none of it writing though some of it writing-related, settling in crosslegged on the mattress with my lapdesk and laptop, to sneak a couple hours of fiction.

Here’s what it comes down to: We homeschool, and the kid is learning long division (at the moment with double-digit divisors), and I have discovered that the plaintive voice saying “Mom, it didn’t come out right when I checked it,” shatters any focus I have for fiction. So during the day I work on the hundred other things that I have to do.

This couple hours at night I have reclaimed because I must write, I need to write, I want to write…and I do not need to stop writing to demonstrate math, or grammar, or to discuss science or history or to check one of the kid’s two weekly essays.

So, with that said, tonight is scene two, which needs to be longer, and which introduces the heroine. Scene one introduced…well…a vase, a stranger, and a corpse.

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