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Snapshot from the Fiction Frontlines — 3 Comments

  1. I realize that one may write anywhere, however, a location that is more or slightly less fixed would be nice. Somehow my desk has become the catch-all for everything from a ceiling lamp that needs to be installed to knitting bolts. (I don’t knit so these are not mime.)
    The laptop moves from the kitchen table to the TV tray to a spot on the living room floor depending on where I am relocated to. I may just have to chronicle “The Transient Writer.”
    Just the same, glad you are banging out goal work again. Happy explosions.

  2. Having rearranged my desk and moved all the junk off of it so I could have my laptop as well as my desktop in one place, I found the surface … I was surprised. Glad you’re getting back to fiction and that Patreon is working out for you.

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