Smiling Addiction

Fascinating video link sent to me by Paul Aulridge—Smiling Addiction. It’s appropriate for all audiences, but at the same time I found it powerful and moving.

Let me know what you think.

(Thanks, Paul. That was a great link.)

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12 responses to “Smiling Addiction”

  1. PolarBear Avatar

    writewize, I thought it was sad too, for all the reasons you mention.

    Note the “happy pills” in this example only produce a veneer of happiness. There are some that do help people find a balanced place in their lives either temporarily while they resolve issues or permanently (depending upon what their challenge is). Those pills aren’t the ones depicted in this video (at least that’s what I believe).

    While I didn’t find the video particularly pleasing, it is thought-provoking and a catalyst for meaningful discussion. I suspect that was the intent.

  2. writewize Avatar

    I thought the video was sad. I cried by the time it he came back to his disinterested wife and the bacon burnt in the ignored pan. When his head caved in and all he had to do was take “happy pills” I thought it was a horrible metaphor for the lives we live. At the same time there was something mesmorizing about the whole thing. I added it to my own blog and had several people watch it to see what they thought. Most of my friends think it is a sad statements about life.
    My site gives proper credit, which YouTube does not do.
    Intersting conversation piece as always Holly. Unfortunately, after my daughters divorce hearing today, it did not produce a smile.

  3. Holly Avatar

    I think it was an impressive mirror held up to the lives most people live—detached from each other, including those they love most, crossing paths with people to whom they never connect, living out days of endless pretense that everything is okay when inside they’re dying.

  4. eitje Avatar

    actually, after watching it about a dozen times in a row, i think it’s made me kind of sad. i especially agree with shawna – evil clown creepy.

    his happy little jaunt into the kitchen to a disinterested wife and distracted children.
    his sneaky look before irishing his coffee.
    the guy on the cell phone walking past the bum.
    the burning toast and the shakes.

    i don’t know what’s worse, actually… the video, or the worthless crap that youtube partners it with.

  5. eitje Avatar

    i’ve got a smiling addiction.
    and i’m propogating this link.
    here’s to viral marketing. 🙂

  6. tambo Avatar

    I didn’t think it was scary or creepy at all, only tragic and an interesting mirror held up to our society.

    Thank you Holly for posting this!

  7. Holly Avatar

    Thanks, Sundart. I never would have guessed it came from a church—it didn’t have anything like a church feel. It lacked preachiness; to me, it simply felt true.

  8. Chassit Avatar

    Wow, Holly. That was interesting. On the one hand, it was kinda funny to see the smiley man’s head deflate, but on the other hand, when you think deeper, it’s kinda creepy.

  9. sundart Avatar

    That was really interesting – thanks for passing on the link. I tracked down the source of the film, for anyone who, like me, was interested but surprised that the clip didn’t contain any credits. It was the winner of a film festival put on by the Granger Community Church –

  10. shawna Avatar

    Thought perhaps I ought to clarify— it isn’t the main guy that creeps me out— it’s the thought of all those other oblivious smiley faces, just going through their day, all smiles no matter what they do… that’s so true, and such a stong picture in my head, I almost regret watching it. It wouldn’t suprise me if those show up in my nightmares.

  11. shawna Avatar

    oooooh. Don’t know what to say. Ds10 thought it was funny/weird, and felt sorry for the happy/sad guy… while I’m trying to figure out if I’m creeped out, in agreement, outright horrified… or thinking there’s the potential for a damn good horror novel in there somewhere.

    Seriously, though. That’s creepy to the evil clown level.

  12. BirthdayPirate Avatar

    Oh my. 0.0

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