By Holly Lisle

I’m feeling enough better today to have done a very light workout this morning, and to be writing. Of course, the writing itself hasn’t been flying. I ripped out about 2000 words of ISY, and wrote a new section to replace the point where I went wrong. Went to enter my word-count in my WIPBar, and discovered that I was ten words under what I had when I started. Oh, well — at least I have the problem fixed, and when I start back tomorrow, I’ll be at a decent starting point.

On to the HAWKSPAR revision now. I have yellow, green, red, green, and orange as my next block of index cards. I have to say, the red scene looks like it will be a lot of fun to write.

I’m hoping all that damned zinc and Vitamin C and the other anti-cold/anti-flu stuff worked. Thank you for all the virtual chicken soup and other goodies, too. Betting those helped as well.

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