Slogging the Numbers

About seven hundred more words to go. But at least I’m getting them, albeit gradually. And as the day progresses, I’m feeling healthier, too.

Wish I knew where the hell the story was going, though. I’m trusting the subconscious to get me through this part of it, and so far, while I’ve had some good moments, I’m not encouraged by this latest direction. I won’t be going back and cutting prior to the rewrite — but with only twenty-seven days to completely rip this thing apart and put it back together again, I don’t want anything too drastic to cut and redo. I’ve rewritten a quarter to a third of the book in revisions before. Doing that this time would mean an extra 50,000 to 66,666 words on top of necessary style changes, continuity work, and deepening and layering of the story.

So here’s hoping the gut knows what it’s doing.

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