Slogging Gods Revisions

By Holly Lisle

I’m about to the end of the revisions for Gods Old and Dark — at least that’s what the ever-shrinking pile of paper to my left would attest. I’m doing a new scene right at the moment, setting up Raymond Smetty and Louise Tate for their eventual just desserts. (I left their fate hanging in the first version, and my slow-turn-around readers thumped me over the head for it.) Mark is downstairs either cleaning his room or doing demolition work: the sounds are identical and I haven’t the guts to go look. My other two guys are out raiding Toys ‘R’ Us to give me a chance to finish this thing, and I’m taking a five-minute breather while I figure out the next part of this scene, so I figured I’d make a note of where I am.

I’m having to come up with an end-of-series ending for Gods Old and Dark. I’m not sure there will be more books in the world, and I don’t want to leave readers hanging forever. So I’ll leave two carefully chosen threads wrapped but not clipped, so that I can pick up the storyline if I get the chance to do more World Gates books, but the rest get snipped and cauterized this time. It’s been making for a lot of rewriting. S’alright. The book will live through it, and the ending will be stronger than it was. And in a couple more days I’ll dive into Talyn and ten pages a day of Korre and alternating first/third and a couple of characters I just adore and thought I was never going to get to write.

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