Slightly late re-drawing Ko-Fi winner

Yesterday was a bit more chaotic than usual, and between a number of things coming at me from different directions, and a replay of the damned vertigo, I remembered to let the winner of the redraw for the final prize know, but forgot to announce it.

So… Tiny little drum-roll…

Pomegranate won the drawing for the fifth signed Create a Character Clinic.

Congratulations, and thank you for supporting me on Ko-Fi.

I’ll gather mailing supplies, and get all the prizes out to their winners as quickly as I can.

Ko Fi 2019 06 22 at 8 42 47AMI’ll also note that I’m now 89% of the way to reaching my second goal, which is funding eight hours of fiction writing a week, at $20/hour. This is two hours a day, four days a week, and comes out to $640/month.

How did I come to that hourly rate? Rounded down, it’s what I made working as an RN in 1992, when I hung up my cap and decided to write full time.

It seemed like a good place to start.

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