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Site updates to reflect what I’m doing as a writer

I’m doing some rearranging of the site. I’ll be adding links to what I’m creating. Aside from semi-regular posts in the blog and the occasional new writing article or fiction snippet, I’ve been running the blog along for years without doing much with it.

But here’s the thing:

  • I’m back to writing new fiction every weekday.
  • I’m back to writing new writing classes every weekday.

And because I’m once again steadily releasing new fiction and new nonfiction, I once again have things even blog regulars haven’t seen.

So I’m adding a sidebar with book covers and links to my fiction and nonfiction.

Fiction Update

Vipers' Nest
I’m still slogging Longview 5: Vipers’ Nest. Following that will be Longview 6: STILL DON’T HAVE A TITLE.

Once I’ve finished SDHAT (yes, tiny little joke), I’ll write Moon & Sun 3: Emerald Sun.

And following Emerald Sun, I’ll go after Cadence Drake and The Wishbone Conspiracy. Parts for that have now gone into Longview 5, and in a much bigger and more surprising way than I’d anticipated.

Cookies were involved. BIG Cookies.

How long will all of this take? Depends. I’m currently writing fiction one hour a day. If I can get the funding to cover it, I can expand that to two hours a day of pure fiction writing and revision. Which means both Moon & Sun 3: Emerald Sun, and The Wishbone Conspiracy will happen twice as fast.

Nonfiction Update

How to Write VillainsI did the first thousand words of How to Write Villains: Lesson 6 today. When I complete lesson six, I’ll have two more lessons to write to finish the class.

THEN I’ll take a week to tear apart all the questions folks have asked me for How to Write Short Stories and from that build a class outline, and will then start writing the lessons.

If you have questions about writing short stories…

Go to:

Login to your Holly’s Writing Classes account here:

OR Create a free account here:

And then check to see if your questions have already been asked here:

If your questions haven’t been asked, please ask them soon. Once I finish writing Villains, I’ll start the NEXT DAY on figuring out what needs to go into Short Stories.

From there, it’ll take me about a week to go over all the questions and figure out how to build the class that will walk folks through writing good short stories. (And an unknown number of months to actually write the class.)

After that, I’m building How To Write A Novel, which isn’t about building a writing career or generating series ideas or revising and prepping the book or doing marketing or anything else in How to Think Sideways.

It’s just about putting together the story you want to write, and then writing it.

If this interests you, there’s a place where you can ask questions or describe problems you’ve had with the process, and again, I’ll build the class to answer the questions and show how to fix the problems folks present. If this interests you, use the same login or account creation links above, but go here to ask your questions or describe your problems:

I’m having fun. This is the kind of writing I love most — lots of work, lots of progress, fiction and nonfiction.

And getting shit done. I LOVE getting shit done.

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3 responses to “Site updates to reflect what I’m doing as a writer”

  1. Patricia Avatar

    Hi Holly, I’m so happy to hear you are getting some good, fun progress done on your writing. I hope you are resting and feeling well too!

    I’m really looking forward to watching your progress through your blog posts. 😀

  2. penn Avatar

    Have you ever thought of having your books put into audio novels? I’d be willing to do the voice or one of them if you did. lol (seriously!)

    1. Holly Lisle Avatar
      Holly Lisle

      I think about it. The cost is prohibitive, the time and effort are prohibitive, and at the moment I’m pretty short on all three (money, time, and extra energy). But I do think about it, and I plan to get them done when I can.

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