Sisters, love, and rivalry — 1268 words, and 85,490 total.

Today I brought a lot of myself into the story — and managed to make one of the more embarrassing incidents in my own childhood into an incredibly embarrassing episode for my main character.

Rule of thumb — all the cool shit you ever did gets to go to your other characters. The places where you took a header into the mud, though? Your main character gets to keep and be humiliated by all of those.

Got the words, closing on the ending, and re-set my objective for the the wordcount on this novel, as well as the finish date, which I’ve shortened considerably.

Had a lot of fun today.


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One response to “Sisters, love, and rivalry — 1268 words, and 85,490 total.”

  1. dragon Avatar

    So, the time I nearly brained myself on the sand of the swimming area in Mandeville should be gifted to one of my MCs? Or the time I gracefully stood up on the aft end of the sailboat to get ready to grab the lines as we entered the boat slip and instead found myself in the water … and wondering how I got there? *chuckle* Great, now I get to make a long list of the physical fumbles of my life …

    Sounds like you had great fun with this one.

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