Since last I posted…

Since last I posted, which I have just realized has been more than a month ago, Dan Allen (my website guy) and his team and I have done massive work on, I relaunched How to Revise Your Novel, we had the Cat 4 walk-by of Hurricane Matthew, and I turned 56.

I’ve been swamped, but it hasn’t been swamped with recovering from Yet Another Surgery, so that’s a big plus. It has been swamped with Making the Money to Pay the Bills from three major surgeries in six months, though, so I still can’t say it’s been entirely … fun.

No. Definitely not entirely fun.

But one of my writing students asked about the viability of a novel with a human female protagonist and a dragon love interest.

I figured I’d ask you guys what you thought.

But I ALSO thought, I wrote a song for that.

So that’s back. I’m both voice and guitar. I’ll apologize some other time.

This song, by the way, is featured in my novel Minerva Wakes, which I’m finally almost ready to reprint.

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15 responses to “Since last I posted…”

  1. Sophia Avatar

    …If your dragon can sometimes wander around as a human? Totally feasible. See that everywhere in Indie Paranormal Romance.

    If he’s solely a dragon? Probable. But…some people might get squicked out because ‘who falls in love with a lizard’… shrug.

  2. Jeff Avatar

    Cute! You’re quite the filker!

  3. Anne Velosa Avatar
    Anne Velosa

    Glad you are getting back into your groove!

  4. Angela Avatar

    Absolutely adorable song and singing, Holly.

    And yes, human and dragon can work in fantasy context.

  5. Marya Avatar

    Glad you are creating again. The Dragon song is … oh my. Oh my. My virgin ears.

    And what a beautiful voice you deliver it in. 😉

  6. Greg Miranda Avatar
    Greg Miranda

    Um. Ouch.

  7. E. Dulaney Burns Avatar

    Hi Holly,

    I hope everything is alright, and pray for your speedy recovery.


  8. Francine Seal Avatar
    Francine Seal

    There goes my dream of a dragon lover! It just won’t fit.

    1. Holly Avatar


  9. Mary Avatar

    That is adorable! I love it. Yeah, the two need to have more in common than love for things to work physically. You have a lovely voice.

    1. Holly Avatar

      Thanks. She’s reading this post, so will get your answer.

  10. Amy Avatar

    Hysterical! I could totally hear this performed by college glee clubs. 🙂

    1. Holly Avatar

      I’ve done it at cons. The filk group White Plectrum used to perform it, too (with my permission). I loved their singing.

  11. Katharina Gerlach Avatar

    Of course it’s perfectly alright to have a human/dragon love affair if the dragons are human-ish in appearance and mental capabilities.

    1. Holly Avatar

      Yeah, I think it works in a fantasy novel context, too.

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