Significant progress on the WARPAINT write-in #WABWM

10:24 AM

Had to catch up on Student Support and bills before I started today, so I’m a bit late getting here.

Got a surprising amount done yesterday in SPITE of the short day.

Am well into the new material now, and still making changes as I type things in. Smoothing and adding depth to the story, but no doubt also adding a few continuity errors. The next eyes that see this will be my editor’s, though. I’ll have a reprieve while I record the songs and do the music video, and set up the other stuff for the WARPAINT debut.

Then I’ll correct, it’ll go out to my reviewers, I’ll correct again from any errors they spot, and I’ll publish. Next couple weeks is going to be busy.

But fun.

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One response to “Significant progress on the WARPAINT write-in #WABWM”

  1. Jen of Hens Avatar
    Jen of Hens

    Kudos Holly! Your descriptions of your process make me want to be there too. Yep – lots of work – but great reward!

    Slow day for me – 1496 words. 600 short of my goal of 20K total for Nano today – but I am still ahead. Tomorrow is another day.

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