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17 years ago

Thanks so much for the heads up, Holly! Normally I run right out and snap your books up (making sure to get them from my bookstore, even if I have to ask them to order the book), but what with getting ready for baby and having just bought a house my budget is too tight for many books atm…especially hardbacks. If I don’t win the book from Sheila, though, I’m planning to ask for Talyn for Christmas. Can’t wait to read it! =)

17 years ago

Email me your address, and I’ll send you one.

17 years ago

If I don’t get one from Sheila (odds are against and growing) I’ll go buy one.

As soon as my local bookstore opens up again, that is. Right now it’s closed. They had two feet of water and have had to put their whole inventory out to the curb. (At least it looks like their whole inventory)

The local giant chains are also closed. Two of them for no reason that I can see. Possibly they can’t get enough employees to open up.

EVERYONE down here is hiring. Got a pulse? You get a job. Unskilled labor is going for $9/hr plus bennies. Not bad. If you have any skills at all, you will get a lot more plus many companies are giving away free housing. (Cramped, but free).

One way or another, I’ll get a copy.

— F

17 years ago

This is so very cool of both you and Sheila.

17 years ago

Not going to enter PBW’s contest, since I already have your signed ARC of Talyn, but just wanted to say she was dead on with everything she said about the book. Best thing I’ve read in fifteen years! I can’t wait to read Hawkspar . . .

So stop reading this and get back to work! 🙂


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