Should Have Kept Going Yesterday

By Holly Lisle

In the Hawkspar revisions, the small wreck I hit on the last page of yesterday’s section exploded into a big, painful disconnect from the rest of the book today. I’m still five pages short of my halfway mark on the day’s required sixty pages, and at this rate, unless the mess clears, I’m likely to be working into the wee hours just to break even today.

On the up side, though, I haven’t had a headache. I think being able to give my eyes some hours of much-needed rest yesterday helped. So did hoping that the revision would be smooth sailing from that point out — a hope that has been bitterly dashed today.

I haven’t run into a single scene or page so far today that has excited me. I’m hoping that this rough spot is just a few days of missing my footing while I was writing before I got rolling again, and not an indicator of what lies ahead.

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