Should Finish the Create A Character Clinic Today

By Holly Lisle

With luck, and a bit of diligent effort, I should have the first draft for Create A Character Clinic finished today. I have two beta readers already lined up. I need two more.

There is, of course, a catch. I don’t have an editor for this project, so my beta readers will have to be very focused on typos, spellos, grammatical errors, redundancies, and irrelevancies. They will also have to be pretty quick, because I want to be able to put the book up for sale on the site by Jan. 2, and I’ll need a couple of days to go through and make corrections.

So I’ll need your corrections back by, at the very latest, December 27th. And earlier would, of course, be better.

In exchange for your work, you’ll receive thanks in the acknowledgements, a free final version of the e-book, and my wild, insane gratitude.


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