Short …

By Holly Lisle

Hmmmm. Having weeded and cleared brush and tossed redundancies left and right, and having the rhythm of the ending of the book pretty comfortably in my head now, I’ve found that I’m about 18,000 – 20,000 words from the end of the story with Talyn.

However, I’m still about forty thousand words from the end of the book.

Which means I’ll finish the first draft before schedule, which is good, and that I’ll have to add in all those scenes I knew I left out in the revision, which at least I’d planned on. And that I’ll have maybe a month and a half to do this, which is half a month more than I’d figured on. So, okay, I can deal with that. I’ve come up short in the first draft a number of times.

Still, it’s always just a little unnerving.

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