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Shop Closed for Two Days — 4 Comments

  1. Matt–I guess so, man. Sorry about that. I’m still pounding the keys. What was supposed to be about 7 pages long is currently 17 pages long, and I still have a ways to go. And we have no way of delivering it until the store goes live.

    Tim–You should have already received your first promo materials for the course by e-mail. Affiliates get 50% commissions on everything the store sells, including the new course.

    Shelbi–private e-mail headed your way.

  2. Man, my husband and I are beginning the long, difficult process of working a budget tailored to becoming debt free ASAP [YAY!] which is going to mean a lot of ‘luxury’ sacrifices[ugh]… which probably will include most books[sobbing now].

    But this course has me so freaking excited, I may just have to bite the bullet and buy it anyway.

    I just don’t think I can wait!

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