Shipping List #4

By Holly Lisle

Yet more books packed and ready to go. Here are the folks for whom they’re set aside:

Spring Gem

If you’re in the US, go ahead and use the PayPal link at the top left corner of this page to pay $9.95. I’ll get the labels made and the boxes shipped as soon as possible. Things have been kind of hectic, so I’m not doing at all well with overnight turnaround, but I’m doing well with “a couple of days” shipping.

If you’re elsewhere than the US, we’re still waiting. I have the international boxes, I have the customs labels, and I have the instructions. What I don’t have is the little plastic thingy in which the customs label must be placed. You would think…you would THINK…that if you absolutely had to have the plastic thingy in order to use the customs label, these two items would ship together.

But no.

So if you have an international box, it will wait for you. I’ll post an announcement when the plastic thingies get here (7-10 business days, so sayeth the Post Office, and then you can e-mail me, I’ll figure the postage, and we’ll get your books shipped out.

Not so many books left now. And from this point out, everyone will be getting a duplicate or two. If you absolutely do not want to receive duplicates and you’re already on the list, please let me know here and I’ll remove you.

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