Shipping List #3

Okay. Books packed in boxes and ready to go for the following folks:


If you’re in the US, go ahead and use the PayPal link at the top left corner of this page to pay $9.95.

If you’re elsewhere than the US, just wait. Your box will wait for you (I have a nice little stack of boxes headed for far-off places now) and those customs labels will arrive soon. I’ll post an announcement when they get here, and then you can e-mail me, I’ll figure the postage, and we’ll get your books shipped out.

There are still lots of books left, by the way. I’m waiting for more boxes.

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11 responses to “Shipping List #3”

  1. lizb Avatar

    My books have arrived safe and sound. Thanks again Holly.

  2. Holly Avatar

    Have everybody’s PayPal and e-mails. Am writing now, but will start on labels this evening.

  3. PJ Avatar

    My hubby sent you the paypal last night – and I dropped you an email. I hope you received it all right.

    And to repeat the overall sentiment here: Thanks bunches! And you are awesome! 🙂

  4. Redox Avatar

    I was on the second list and my box o’ books ka-plopped on the porch this afternoon. It’s a good thing, too. My nieces, already informed that new books were coming their way, were jumpy as crickets on a skillet. So I’ve gotta read two of’em quickly and pass them along. I can read the rest of them before they finish the first two so everyone will be happy. Thanks, Holly! Summer reading seems more satisfying, somehow. I love sitting under the oak tree, reading. Just me, a good book, and that damned squirrel dropping empty nutshells on my head. Arboreal rodent!

  5. Chassit Avatar

    My paypal has been sent! Thanks again Holly! This is just too awesome!

  6. Tech Avatar

    My payment has been sent! It will be under issacskye at I’m so excited! Thank you! You’re awesome.

  7. Arconna Avatar

    Hey, I paypal-ed you. It should show up as my email address or as Shaun Duke. I’m not one hundred percent sure as I am not very good with Paypal. So either Shaun Duke or arconna @ email email. Don’t want to give it all away :P.

    Thanks so much! I can’t wait!

  8. heatherwrites Avatar

    Yay! Thank you so much, Holly. I made my paypal payment as Heather Harper. (harperhd)

    Have a great weekend. 🙂

  9. BookLover Avatar

    I’m cheering for all you Holly fans on the first, second and third shipping lists, vicariously enjoying your anticipation and excitement — (and if Holly’s wrists hold out, and there’s enough books, I’ll be jumping up and down myself some weeks from now…)

    Holly, thank you for all the work you’re doing to share your books with us.

  10. tkeller Avatar

    Holly, I submitted my paypal payment (“zarffyn” email address, my paypal default). Thanks so much! -Teresa

  11. lizb Avatar

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Thanks Holly! I’ve completed the PayPal thing. Now I only have to wait for the box to arrive, don’t know if the finger nails will hold up that long, they’re nibbled to the quick already… Oh boy, this is way better than Christmas. Thank you, you’re the best,

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