Want to Help Solve a Mystery?

Hunting the Corrigan's Blood

A lot of folks would like to see Cadence Drake dead.

Cady calls herself an Independent Reclamations Specialist.

She’s helps folks find people and items that have gone missing from their lives — including some folks who don’t want to be found, and some items that got lost with a bit of help.

For the right price — and if you’re legit — she’ll take apart Settled Space to locate whatever you love that has gone missing.

IF you’re legit. She does her best to only work for good people, and she’s gotten a lot more careful about the clients she accepts as the years go by. Nevertheless, Cady’s managed to make some enemies along the way.

Some folks who’ve walked away with things that don’t belong to them don’t want to be found.

Some disappearances tangle into ugly conspiracies.

And some people are very good at hiding who and what they are...

So... Enemies. She has them. 
Being good at what you do can cause that.

And now she has a bounty hunter on her trail.

The Mystery is Real...

The problems you’ll be investigating and the secrets you’ll be uncovering are a real part of Cady's ongoing story, and the details of her life and the lives of folks who have crossed paths with her all contain the seeds of the secrets that have set a bounty hunter after her.

The seeds of this mystery wait in both the Cadence Drake stories and Longview stories, and will be resolved in one of the upcoming Cadence Drake books.

You might figure the whole mystery out before I reveal the answers to the questions.

What are the questions?

Who hired the bounty hunter?
And why?

Who’s leaking the intercepted transmissions to me?
And why?


Cadence Drake and the Bounty Hunter Intercepts

Help me figure who's put a price on Cady's head, and why.

I'll send out whatever I get on Fridays (though not every week), and you can reply directly to any email to let me know you've spotted a clue, or have a theory.

And as these come in, I'll gather up your theories, sort them, comment on them, and let you know what folks think. Just add your email address below, and click Send me the intercepts below.

Once you’ve signed up, check your email inbox to confirm your request. The mystery starts with the first email.

P.S. What Do You Get If You Figure Out All Four Answers Before I Write the Book?

First, the fun of knowing you’re awesome enough to partner up with Cady.

But more than that, acknowledgement by name (or preferred secret code name) in the emails, and acknowledgement by order of discovery as a solver all four mysteries in the completed, published book.