Settling in on World Clinic #wabwm

By Holly Lisle

So Monday, I got no words and the rough shock of finding out the words I’d already done were useless and had to go.

Tuesday, I got 1599 good words, and a cool way to start the course.

Wednesday, I got 1239 words, and a discussion on overbuilding and its effects.

And last night, after several weeks, I finally got some frikkin’ sleep.

Have been getting maybe three hours of sleep a night for a while, broken up into little bits and pieces—something that has not helped the migraines. Last night? Eight hours.

Today? I feel human again. It’s a nice change.

And today on As I Write World :roll:, outlining. So probably not going to have a big word-count day. But I have my feet under me with what I want to accomplish with World now.

Instantly useful.

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