Settling in on World Clinic #wabwm

So Monday, I got no words and the rough shock of finding out the words I’d already done were useless and had to go.

Tuesday, I got 1599 good words, and a cool way to start the course.

Wednesday, I got 1239 words, and a discussion on overbuilding and its effects.

And last night, after several weeks, I finally got some frikkin’ sleep.

Have been getting maybe three hours of sleep a night for a while, broken up into little bits and pieces—something that has not helped the migraines. Last night? Eight hours.

Today? I feel human again. It’s a nice change.

And today on As I Write World :roll:, outlining. So probably not going to have a big word-count day. But I have my feet under me with what I want to accomplish with World now.

Instantly useful.

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4 responses to “Settling in on World Clinic #wabwm”

  1. Shawna Avatar

    I am SO looking forward to this!

  2. KenB Avatar

    Welcome back from vacation! At the same time, sorry about the migraines. Got one page written yesterday. My Characters are FINALLY in the scenes where their world is is being knocked out from under them.

    PS: Looking forward to World Clinic.

  3. Jen of Hens Avatar
    Jen of Hens

    252 – hey – I’m ekeing it out! =)

  4. Melanie R. Meadors Avatar

    I’m always for “instantly useful.” And of course, “fun.” So many writing courses and books just go on and on, and it seems like by the time you get to where you can actually put anything to use, you just feel frustrated with the whole thing. I think that’s probably the “fluff” going on there. I was really pleased when I started the HTTS course and immediately there was stuff to DO. 🙂

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