Seeking Silence, Sanity, and Strength

Over the last couple of years, I’ve allowed the weight of deadlines, homeschooling, and other life matters to act as excuses for not keeping myself in shape; as a result, I’m not in shape now. I’ve lately been following the maxim, heard from a man from India, to eat only until I’m 80% full, and so I’ve started dropping extra weight, but being healthy isn’t about being thin, or anything like it.

There’s a whole mind/body connection to health that I want to get back to. Being healthy is about having energy to do your work, having a clear, focused mind to come up with answers to problems, having the calm to deal with crises, and being fit enough to save your own life or the life of someone you love in an emergency.

So I’m getting back to fitness. To do this, I’ve chosen to follow the programs outlined in two books:

Combat Conditioning, by Matt Furey. I have the book in hand, and have begun the training. I won’t yet recommend the book — at this point, having just started with it, I don’t know whether it’s worthwhile or not. The site is hype hell, but the outcomes listed for the book met goals I’d already outlined for myself — functional fitness without weight training or running (many of our charming neighbors let their dogs run loose), that I could do indoors when the weather got to hot, that didn’t require the purchase of new clothes or other paraphernalia, and that would offer both strength and aerobic conditioning.

Living the Martial Way, by Forrest E. Morgan, Maj. USAF, which teaches warriorship through physical discipline and focused mental search for wisdom. The three aspects of the program are the Way of Training, the Way of Honor, and the Way of living. When I’m fitter, I’ll determine whether I’m getting what I need from my self-taught program or if I should seek out in-person study.

The Mind/Body topic will chronicle my journey and progress.

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