Secret Big Class for writers: Lesson 2 and Worksheet 2 are now done.

I’m starting on Secret Big Class (SBC) Lesson THREE now.

When I finish Lesson Six (at the earliest), I’m going to invite writers to sign up for the SPLINTERS version.

Folks who have taken early versions of my other Big Courses will be familiar with splinters versions.

They’re not raw first draft, but they are speed-revised on a single-pass readthrough. This means that they’ve had the chance to sit overnight to cool down, because the next day I can at least see most of the errors.

But I don’t see them all, and as such these lessons will still have typos, spellos, and places where students haven’t yet had a chance to ask me for clarification about things I demonstrated, but not in fashions that worked for THEIR brains.

When this goes live, I’m going to point writers to the place where you can sign up to take the class. But not today. I want to have two full months of lessons finished before I EVEN set up the launch list.

At the point where I have that two-month buffer (so that I can be sure I’ll be able to write lessons and have folks get a new one every week) I’ll give you a list you can sign up for.

We’re not there today. So I’m not even hinting at what the class is.

But… soon.

So… Watch this space!

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3 responses to “Secret Big Class for writers: Lesson 2 and Worksheet 2 are now done.”

  1. Sylvia Avatar

    Consumed with curiosity as to what this class is about! My daughter always said I’m attracted to shiny things. I am. And especially, shiny new things!!!!!

    1. Holly Avatar

      Cool! Me, too.

      I’m pleased to note that I finished lesson and worksheet 9 today.

    2. Holly Avatar

      At this point, I’m deep into Lesson 10 — and yep, I’m writing in order, so that means NINE lessons are now done. Non-fiction ALWAYS goes so much faster for me than fiction.

      Which is kind of maddening. I would love to write novels at 2000 words a day, but my brain just doesn’t work that way. For nonfiction, though. Yeah. Insane speeds.

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