Second day of migraine

No writing done. No weblogs read. Head is screaming. Thought I’d go ahead and update WordPress to the newest version, got the following lovely message:
Fatal error: Cannot redeclare register_sidebars() (previously declared in /path/to/writingdiary2/wp-includes/widgets.php:15) in /path/to/writingdiary2/wp-content/plugins/widgets.php on line 22

This is an across-the-board error–doesn’t matter what template I use. I have no clue how to fix this, and I can’t make any changes in the sidebards until it’s fixed. Anyone else updated to WordPress 2.2 and found (and fixed) the same error?

Or if not, does anyone have better, less buggy blog software to recommend?

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5 responses to “Second day of migraine”

  1. Carlie Avatar

    Yes, Jason explained it better than I did. 🙂

  2. PolarBear Avatar

    I was going to suggest what Carlie said, but I think Jason has a little more detail.

    I’m waiting a bit to upgrade to 2.2, but those two suggestions sound right to me. I have one widget I use, but I’ve embedded the code, so I’ve not enabled the automatic widget capability anywhere else because of that.

  3. Jason Penney Avatar

    Did you disable all plugins before upgrading? It says to in the upgrade instructions and every time I’ve tried to skip that step I’ve created a disaster for myself.

    My guess is that you had the widgets installed, which is now part of the core, so you should not have it enabled in 2.2. If that’s not the case then most likely one of your plugins (probably widget related).

    I had the same issue with some of the King widgets. The trick there is to find “include_once(‘widgets.php’);” and comment it out in those widgets.

    It’s possible that it could be include, require, or require_once instead of include_once.

    If that doesn’t help a list of plugins you have enable might make it easier to diagnose. Good luck (and I hope the migrane goes away).

  4. Jason Avatar

    Ooh, no idea, Holly. That sucks. Blogger, maybe? I wish I could be more help in that department, but I’m not really a techno-whiz.

    I hope your software problem gets fixed, and I hope that your migrane gets better, too.

  5. Carlie Avatar

    It looks like:-
    Because 2.2 comes with the Widgets plugin already installed, the register-sidebars() has been declared twice. You will perhaps need to delete one of the declarations. I don’t think it’s the buggy software at fault but rather just code passed on from the last install stuffing it up.

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