Scary Article

By Holly Lisle

The article’s title is HIV hitting young at rate of one every 14 seconds. The article has some appalling implications.

I know that the 10-18 year-old demographic is the most likely to acquire AIDS now. A thought for everyone — now would be a very good time to revive abstinence as a practice for those not in committed relationships.

From my own personal experience, I never spent a single night right up to the night I got married, when I was twenty-one, worrying about whether or not I might be pregnant. Never had to worry about what I’d tell my mother. Never had to sweat out a late period. (Had them, just never had to worry about what they might mean.) And I never had to worry about catching anything. I know abstinence isn’t a popular stance, but for pure peace of mind, it’s unbeatable. You’re basically bullet-proof.

Just a thought.

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