Say It With Me: Deadlines Are Our FRIENDS

So, boy, oh, boy. Just agreed to my deadline schedule for the new book.

I’m struggling with Hawkspar. Must get that book finished. Promptly, yes? It was officially due last December, and Anna has been lovely about the delays, but I’m not . I want to have the book done, and done well, so that we can get it edited and into production.

Over the weekend, I finished the copyedit of Work-for-Hire I. Must get that mailed. Promptly, yes? It’s due Sept 1.

New deadline to add to the mix. Bad Moon Rising, December 1st. I’ll be doing numbers in a bit, but, well. Yes. It’s almost September now.

My main character isn’t the only one confronting alligators.

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4 responses to “Say It With Me: Deadlines Are Our FRIENDS”

  1. arrvee Avatar

    Climbing a tree will get you away from the gators, but then you have to deal with the buzzards. Whatcha gonna do?

    Repeat after me: I love this job! I love this job! I love this job! …

    It’ll get done. One page at a time.

  2. Holly Avatar

    Everything I can admit to on Work for Hire I is here.

  3. joela Avatar

    Work for Hire I?

  4. PolarBear Avatar

    Deadlines are our friends. I’ll see if I can find a recipe for Gator Soup.

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