Membership Contest Winners

By Holly Lisle

I read every comment twice.

Thank you to every single one of you who played.

Every entry was excellent. There was no way I could choose ten on my own.

I went to’s True Random Number Generator, generated ten random numbers, and one of the ten was for a long-time reader here who had requested she not be considered in the drawing.

So I generated one more.

For the ten folks who won: You have won a one-year paid membership to You may accept it for yourself, or offer it to a friend. You’ll be receiving an e-mail from me letting you know how to claim your prize. I’ll be using the e-mail you have used in your winning post. If you don’t receive your response from me by tomorrow, you’ll need to e-mail me here, let me know your name and your e-mail address, and the link to your winning entry, and I’ll resend the information.


Rob F
Pam Hauser
Sara Carrero
Alice B.

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