Saturday Write A Book With Me

Trying to get back into a writing schedule again—Sunday through Thursday on, Friday through Saturday off.

So I took the night off.
I hope you had a Happy Halloween—the kid was a Ghostbuster, and didn’t trick or treat, but did hand out candy. We hung out with family, and had a good time.

If you wrote, how did the writing go?

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11 responses to “Saturday Write A Book With Me”

  1. Eve Avatar

    Nothing for me for the past several days what with Halloween preparations, but tonight I sat down and reread where I’m at. I’ve changed my mind about how I want my current scene to go, so I’ll let things stew tonight then make with the clickety clack of keys tomorrow.

  2. Jessica Avatar

    Babysat the twins this weekend, which was interesting with the fall back time change. So not much writing time but did manage 523 as Cait disembarks the bus, sirens still wailing in the background in pursuit, and realizes that her lack of energy is not just from exhaustion from overusing her power but also from the central villain behind her, making her body physically resist movement. She cannot see, cannot feel anything but bone-shuddering cold. But she can hear screams, sirens, and laughter, followed by silence. Then she is whisked away and opens her eyes in a cemetary.
    Soon she will find herself in a hollow grave.

  3. Don Avatar

    Good for a couple of days I was stuck how to get feom point A to be with out it being predictable. 528 words.

  4. Tori Avatar

    Started a new novel for Nano and managed 1708 words! That is a milestone for me given I don’t remember the last time I wrote so much in one sitting. So I made my word count for today. Yay!
    And this is amazing considering the fact that I had to plan this entire story in less than a week. But I love the concept. I think I love it more than the novel I’m doing for HTTS. Is this a good thing?

  5. Cat (from HtTS) Avatar

    I managed 1008 words. Not too bad considering it’s Sunday and the kids are at home.

  6. June Avatar

    I’ve done about 500 words between Friday and Saturday, on two different scenes.

    I have to say, the beginning of this book has been the hardest I’ve ever worked on. I’m striving for something better than my previous efforts in terms of setting a good foundation for a long book and also with the characters. It seems with every scene that I have to throw the first effort out simply because it is utterly wrong. But, the second, or sometimes the third, is better. All totalled I think I’ve actually written over 12K, but I’ve tossed out at least 6K of that.

    I always write slowly, but this one is maddeningly slow. Still, it is limping forward.

  7. Peggy Avatar

    I didn’t actually track the word count, though I got a couple hundred, mostly in tweaks and fixing a timing issue unique to this setting. And then I started re-reading the 50K I currently have, refreshing my memory of all the little details I’ve forgotten over the last few months, and looking for threads I need to pick back up and weave into the story again.

    Sunday’s goal is to finish that re-read and possibly get a new scene or two, depending on how the day goes. (Damn time change weekends always throw me off.)

  8. Debora Avatar

    340 words. An old daguerreotype and a haunting lyric teamed up to add emotional resonance to a character I knew I had to have, but did not know very well yet. Suddenly he looms large in my imagination. He’s alive! I can access him with ease.

    So I’m pleased with my progress, even though my word count has been very low lately. My last day off was the thirteenth of October. I try my best to write around my work schedule, but fatigue sometimes gets the better of me.

    Oh! Willie, is it you, dear,
    Safe, safe at home?
    They did not tell me true, dear;
    They said you would not come.
    I heard you at the gate,
    And it made my heart rejoice;
    For I knew that welcome footstep
    And that dear, familiar voice,
    Making music on my ear
    In the lonely midnight gloom:
    Oh! Willie, we have missed you;
    Welcome, welcome home!

    S. C. Foster, publ. 4. March 1854

  9. The Pencil Neck Avatar
    The Pencil Neck

    502 words.

    One of the Princesses bodyguards (henceforth known as The Bodyguard), newly added to the King’s Guard from the Royal Marine Special Forces, is guarding the back perimeter near the door to the ER department. A cute nurse comes in and he checks her ID and asks her on a date. When she puts her ID up, he notices something but doesn’t realize what it is until she starts to walk away. He asks her why she has a pistol in her purse. She speaks the words “Go. Now.” into her comm. And the ER doors blow up, sending pieces flying through the air like shrapnel.

    This scene actually goes before the scene I wrote last night.

    I had a work meeting today from 10 until 5. And my wife had a little scare with one of the horses and had to call out the vet. (Snowy River is fine, btw.) We didn’t dress up or anything. We just handed out some candy. And ate some candy. We didn’t get many trick or treaters tonight.

    1. The Pencil Neck Avatar
      The Pencil Neck

      “Princesses” == “Princess’” ๐Ÿ™

  10. Patricia Avatar

    Happy Halloween! ๐Ÿ˜€

    128 words tonight after a long day of awesome Halloween fun, so I’m happy I got any words at all today. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve been writing quite a bit, I just haven’t always had the time or the means to post because my computer is still pretty awful.

    By now I have a total word count of 71,272, and Ryan is coping with what he had to do to protect himself and his “family” from the invasion of enemy raiders. He’s come a long way from where he first started, and it is a time of reflection as he surveys the damage done and pays his respects to the warrior he killed.

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