Saturday WABWM

I’m catching up after the Friday Think Sideways last minute rush.

Meanwhile, how are your words coming along?

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17 responses to “Saturday WABWM”

  1. ecrivainjack Avatar

    250 words yesterday, nothing yet today, but the manageable goal is a real help! Thanks, Holly.

  2. dragonhavn Avatar

    not entirely sure how many words, but an interesting new character and world showed up.

  3. Gabby Avatar

    Holly, welcome back, I hope you had a wonderful birthday!!

    Today I got 519 words. Little busy with home remodel stuff and ahem, football. but I definitely made my goal today so very happy about that. Left myself at a pause yesterday. I have so much trouble picking up again when my characters are between scenes. It’s so hard to get going again the next day. But I’ve moved it out of that tough spot so HOPEFULLY I won’t have so much trouble tomorrow.

  4. S. Megan Payne Avatar

    Kept my promise to self, so no words for yesterday, but I did do some organizing and planning and today put together a website. :scary!: I did some writing for that, but I don’t think I’m going to count the website on my word counts. It feels too much like cheating.

  5. Crista Avatar

    499 words and I finally learn my MC’s name.

  6. Cat (from HtTS) Avatar

    A late “Happy birthday, Holly”
    I’m late because I have been on a riding holiday with the kids (actually the kids were riding an I was running most of the time). So I’ll take off one more day to recover and return to a slightly reduced schedule tomorrow (with the kids on holiday for another week I always plan on getting less done). I’m glad to be back to writing.

  7. Lisa R Avatar
    Lisa R

    1154 words. I had a wonderful time writing and some very interesting healing was done that nobody expected. I am very excited about it. Today I have to do the climax to this section and am not sure how to get a character out of the palace so that she can be murdered. I believe I am over thinking the scene and just have to drive forward.

  8. HannaBelle Avatar

    Still no words, got sick then had company so I had to buck up and hide it. Today is my first day to relax. Hopefully won’t get sick again.

  9. Mark Avatar

    2000 words… and what terrible words they were. The whole thing was just ugh! Today I tried to write a scene without constantly editing myself, and it really ate at my enthusiasm. My energy was dwindling the whole time, and I felt less and less interested in what I was writing. I know I’m not supposed to go back and re-write stuff, but I think I have to, otherwise I’ll end up hating my story before I even reach halfway.

    Tomorrow I’m re-writing today. Again, this time with feeling!

    1. Mark Avatar

      After my post I got seized by a desire to make it better. I rewote a half page and I actually liked it!

  10. Teri Avatar

    1,044 words, and the sudden realisation that since this story is only the build-up to the civil war, and will end with the first real battle of the war, I only have one scene left! The end snook up on me while I was concentrating on getting my 250 words a day. I might even be able to get the whole last scene done tomorrow.

  11. Ieva Avatar

    A couple of handwritten pages on a short story, one scene down. I don’t know the wordcount, but in this case it isn’t that important.

  12. The Pencil Neck Avatar
    The Pencil Neck

    389 words – Development.

    Spent the evening with some friends. Most of the day, I was concentrating on ways to simulate the space battles involved.

    While working on my scene cards, I’ve realized more things I need to research for the culture/politics involved. And of course that led to more conflicts that need to be put into the story.

  13. NeensZ Avatar

    I got 777 words tonight! Which is good, because I’d slacked off for the past few days. Sadly, I don’t think I’ll end up keeping most of them through edits, but I got down a scene that needed to be written, so that makes it a good night’s work in my opinion. =D

  14. Jessica Avatar

    1570 and certainly moving forward!
    Started with FMC taking the ashes to her friend for safe keeping until things blow over, but in a crushing blow discovers her friend is completely in love with and has been harboring the villain. Dun dun duh! Technically he has not broken their deal, but FMC is furious – and crushed.
    While starting that sequence, I got an inspiration and backtracked to the “2 days later” scene that I’d skipped. Filled in the blanks, laying the groundwork for the current “betrayal” and explaining more of the magic and the villain’s motives.

    Next the encounter with villain and BFF will get heated and FMC is going to find the real driving force that carries her to the end of the book. (In theory, anyways.)

  15. Clare K. R. Miller Avatar

    I decided to finish my scene tonight, and was quite pleasantly surprised to end up with 1113 words! I had originally planned for Cricket to prevent the elf from coming with them, but was uncomfortable because it didn’t make sense for the other characters to let her. Then I realized I’d already established that the house was surrounded by an iron fence. My subconscious was working ahead! So they snuck in without her.

  16. Rabia Avatar

    550 words and Kai’s making waves again. 🙂

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