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Saturday Snippet, and My first week back to full-time fiction. — 6 Comments

  1. Hello, I bought the Create-a-World bundle some time ago, still love it, (the Language and Culture clinic is more than worth its weight in gold) and am just wondering what I can expect from the new Character Clinic update? How different is it? What was improved or changed?

    To be honest, the Character Clinic is the only one I never used, because the process was too long. I am forever daunted by the thousand-question surveys…

    I just want to know whether the second edition clears up the problem I had with the first edition.

    Thankyou, and kind regards.

    • With Character Clinic, you’ll be able to get a writeable character in about 15 minutes, and do additional development over maybe half an hour to an hour.

      You can then build out the character as much as you NEED to for writing him or her into a novel or series—but you build more only as you need to know more.

  2. I agree with Aynslie Hanna. It is a teaser! Almost sounds like Cadence may [POTENTIAL SPOILER].

    Edited by Holly—If you’ve read the first book, please remember that it had a VERY short run, and most folks haven’t been able to get a copy yet. Don’t use any info from HTCB to suggest possible spoilers. 😀

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