Sales page crashed for some folks, discount BACK until Midnight-ish SATURDAY

I don’t know if it was the timer I was using, or the link from Aweber messing things up, or WHAT it was that went wrong.

And I didn’t know ANYTHING had gone wrong until I’d already shut everything down and deleted all the discount pages.

THEN I checked my email, and found a LOT of people who’d been trying to reach me WHILE the discount was on to tell me the page was broken.

It wasn’t broken for everyone. But many of the folks it was broken for sent me screenshots proving it was broken for them. And I didn’t know because I was just BURIED in Support getting new students into class and setting up the new pages.

A lot of people DID get in.

But apparently a LOT of people didn’t even have a chance. I noticed the jump of over a hundred emails in the newsletter box, which is why, when I had the chance to look a mail, I checked. Some of them were from the other side of the planet, and I’m guessing they won’t get this email now until they wake up. So they’d end up missing the discount AGAIN.

So here’s the deal.

Margaret pulled deleted pages out of the database for me for members, and meanwhile I put together a page that will work.

The temporary main page, which I’ll simply delete at midnight, DOESN’T HAVE THE DISCOUNT PRICES ON IT. They’re in the buttons, though. So write down the price you see on the page, click through the button, and you’ll be able to compare and see the discount is there.

The member sign-up pages do have the right prices–Margaret got those. And if you ARE a site member with a login that works with the orange login box, please remember to sign in so you can get your membership rebate and/or bonus.

Because I DON’T KNOW what went wrong, I’ve put together a letter without a timer. I’ve kept anything fancy out of my Aweber email so there won’t be any funky codes that can screw things up.

And because I have no idea how many people this problem affected, the deal is open for everyone.

At midnight-ish SATURDAY MARCH 16, EDT , I’ll shut it down again. Midnight-ish, because without the tracker, I have to do it by hand.

So you agree that if you’re not there in time this time, I did my best and you won’t hit me with “missed it by three seconds, can I still have the discount?” Okay.?

Get in there in time to give yourself time to read the letter and click the button of your choice.

Here’s the page:


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