The kids have taken matters into their own hands. And now they’re sailing into big trouble.

Got the words. It was great.

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2 responses to “Sailing”

  1. Holly Avatar

    Keely—In a lot of ways, it’s like that. I create the characters, but then, with what I’ve put into them, they start acting on their own, I get interested in what they’re doing, and I write it down. If, however, they stop doing things I find interesting or useful, I go back into critical mode, rework them or the plot they’re involved in, and turn them loose again.

    It’s a weird, weird process; sometimes it makes me think of running mice through a maze, having them get stuck in some useless corner, pulling them out, reconfiguring the maze, and dropping them back in again. And then turning into the hindmost mouse and running behind them, taking notes.

  2. Keely Avatar

    You know, these little insights into your story progress just amaze me. Especially since I don’t write. Sometimes it seems like you are taking dictation for your characters and have no idea what they will say next!!! [grin]

    Love it!!!

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