Safari Went on One

My Safari browser (Mac software) just stopped working today. It’s been rock-solid and very fast, I haven’t installed any new software lately, and it was working just fine last night. Today … nada. Netscape still works just fine, as does Opera.

Anyone else ever experience this particular oddity?

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2 responses to “Safari Went on One”

  1. Catherine Avatar


    Have you run the most recent installer/update? I am the sys admin for our Mac office and someone had a similar problem. There was an update she hadn’t installed yet. Installing it seems to have fixed the problem.


  2. Heather Lin Avatar
    Heather Lin

    Yes – Although my problem may not be your problem is. Check if it works when you aren’t using a proxie server. I don’t remember the details why (though I trolled it off but mine worked again after I turned the proxies off.

    Thanks for doing the blog. Even if I disagree with you most of the time, I like the way you say it and it does make me think. (I’m fundamentally lazy that way)

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