RWA Censorship (Rated R for Language)

By Holly Lisle

Jordan Summers reports an exciting new form of RWA censorship in RWA — SIGH. (Link via PBW.)

The RWA, for those of you who don’t know, is Romance Writers of America, the professional organization for writers of romance fiction.

People are upset, understandably so, that, as Jordan says:

“… if you have objectionable covers (I have one.) or risque excerpts (I have several.), they can no longer link to you. (By ‘they’ I mean ANY RWA site or its affiliates-local chapters & special interest chapters.) If they do, they risk losing their affiliation. To make it more fun, even if you don’t have objectionable covers or excerpts on your site, you can still lose ‘linking’ privileges by having a link to a publishing house who has objectionable covers or excerpts on their site.”

RWA has become a censor and is requiring its members to become censors? The RWA has become a writing organization promoting censorship, and writers don’t know what to do?

Really? Seriously? This isn’t obvious?


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