Russell Galen for the Win! — I now have rights back on all four Secret Texts novels

Completing the Ohio Novels remains the priority… but I JUST GOT FOUR novels I loved back.

I have the revised, NOT bug-hunted editor drafts on my hard drive (still, and in usable format), and AFTER I have all five Ohio Novels launched, I will have to: 

Bug-hunt, edit, format, find cover art, give each book in each format its OneMoreWord ISBNs for each version, and then take them live…

But Russell Galen remains a brilliant agent, and I now have all my damn rights on those four novels back!!!

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9 responses to “Russell Galen for the Win! — I now have rights back on all four Secret Texts novels”

  1. Karin Earnst Avatar
    Karin Earnst

    That is wonderful! I’ve had my copies of the 3 since they came out. They’ve been read so many times they look well loved. I have been wondering if you will have them read as an audiobook? I love your writings and look forward to getting to know this page and everyone on it. I just found it today. I’m kind of a hermit and haven’t been on the web much. I’m overjoyed to have found.

    1. Holly Lisle Avatar
      Holly Lisle

      I’ve never done anything with audiobooks. I’m pretty uncertain about the process — but those would definitely be good books for audio. And I do have the rights.

      It’s a good question. Let me think about it.

  2. Sylvia Nickels Avatar

    Adding my congratulations!!!! That is so wonderful. I, too, have been wanting to read those books and now, maybe I will get to do it in this lifetime! I have a few months to wait for the contract on one of my series to expire so I can republish and add to it.

  3. Phoenix Avatar

    Hooray! I’ve been holding off on tracking these down since I knew you didn’t have the rights back yet. Can’t wait to add the ebooks to my collection (after the Ohio novels of course, which I am *dying* to read).

  4. Chris Bridges Avatar

    Way to go. So glad to hear you’ve got more of your books back

  5. Mike Lucas Avatar

    I’ve been waiting to get these books! I only ever tracked down book 3 of the trilogy and loved it — sometimes I enjoy picking up a book mid-series and trying to figure out what the heck is going on. It was awesome, and made me want to read #1 and #2, so I will be excited for the relaunch.

    The good news is my also-reads are a perfect fit (lots of Brandon Sanderson fantasy).

    1. Holly Avatar

      Getting there won’t be fast… Ohio Series first, and I still have some miles to go on that…

      But now that I legally can… I’ll get there.

  6. Jamie DeBree Avatar

    That is great news – congratulations!!!

    1. Holly Avatar

      😀 Right?!! I’m so happy.

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