Russell Galen for the Win! — I now have rights back on all four Secret Texts novels

Completing the Ohio Novels remains the priority… but I JUST GOT FOUR novels I loved back.

I have the revised, NOT bug-hunted editor drafts on my hard drive (still, and in usable format), and AFTER I have all five Ohio Novels launched, I will have to: 

Bug-hunt, edit, format, find cover art, give each book in each format its OneMoreWord ISBNs for each version, and then take them live…

But Russell Galen remains a brilliant agent, and I now have all my damn rights on those four novels back!!!

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By Holly

Novelist, writing teacher, on a mission to reprint my out-of-print books and indie-publish my new ones.

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Karin Earnst
Karin Earnst
1 year ago

That is wonderful! I’ve had my copies of the 3 since they came out. They’ve been read so many times they look well loved. I have been wondering if you will have them read as an audiobook? I love your writings and look forward to getting to know this page and everyone on it. I just found it today. I’m kind of a hermit and haven’t been on the web much. I’m overjoyed to have found.

Holly Lisle
Reply to  Karin Earnst
1 year ago

I’ve never done anything with audiobooks. I’m pretty uncertain about the process — but those would definitely be good books for audio. And I do have the rights.

It’s a good question. Let me think about it.

Sylvia Nickels
1 year ago

Adding my congratulations!!!! That is so wonderful. I, too, have been wanting to read those books and now, maybe I will get to do it in this lifetime! I have a few months to wait for the contract on one of my series to expire so I can republish and add to it.

1 year ago

Hooray! I’ve been holding off on tracking these down since I knew you didn’t have the rights back yet. Can’t wait to add the ebooks to my collection (after the Ohio novels of course, which I am *dying* to read).

Chris Bridges
1 year ago

Way to go. So glad to hear you’ve got more of your books back

Mike Lucas
1 year ago

I’ve been waiting to get these books! I only ever tracked down book 3 of the trilogy and loved it — sometimes I enjoy picking up a book mid-series and trying to figure out what the heck is going on. It was awesome, and made me want to read #1 and #2, so I will be excited for the relaunch.

The good news is my also-reads are a perfect fit (lots of Brandon Sanderson fantasy).

Jamie DeBree
1 year ago

That is great news – congratulations!!!

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