Running Late

Was up waaaaay too late last night, hanging out with my guys. Got the Create A Language Clinic file off to Palomino, my alternate tester, late; I hate being late. (The file size is 3 MB — if either of you two have trouble retrieving in from your mailboxes, let me know, and I’ll set up an alternate download method.)

Am fuzzy-headed from lack of sleep, but getting started on the paranormal. Still titleless on that, by the way, but we’re leaning, evidently, back to SHADOW MUSIC. If we end up with that, it will be the first time I’ve gotten a title of my own on a book with Penguin.

I’m not sure if I need to kill someone today, or if that needs to wait. Think it needs to wait; I should probably set things up a little first. Fuzzy, fuzzy thoughts. I’d go back to bed, but the Language Clinic ate yesterday, and the deadline is not too terribly forgiving.

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4 responses to “Running Late”

  1. shawna Avatar

    (I sent a couple quick questions to your email… ) I slept in this morning- was up til about midnight last night. Though if I’d stayed up a bit longer, I might have seen the email last night, and not gotten any sleep at all! I have some obligations today (youngest daughter’s b-day) so it’s going out and about with me, for the down times. And if I don’t quit messing with it, I’m never going to get out the door, lol.

  2. Palomino Avatar

    So far it’s going wonderfully; so much fun. I’ve been working on it since, what, about six am my time (I’m in California) and am just up to creating root words. Have to figure in breaks for pet care, etc. (because, no matter how engrossed I am, the dog still wants her kibble and pig ear, the selfish mutt), so actual working time so far is maybe three and a half hours. Love what I’m getting so far—thank you thank you thank you, Holly!

  3. Holly Avatar

    I’m really excited to hear how it goes for you.

  4. shawna Avatar

    Thought I should let you know, it arrived safe and printed well. I’ve skimmed it, made up a portable kit, and am looking forward to this afternoon when I’ll have my first chance to really dig in.

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