Rule Number One

Never say the writing is kicking ass.

Because then it stops kicking ass, and you sit there, lost and stuck and grumpy.

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5 responses to “Rule Number One”

  1. Holly Avatar

    I am FAMOUS for my brilliant hindsight. How well you know me.

  2. scottbryan Avatar

    Some of the best stuff I’ve EVER learned was from getting MY ass kicked righteously.

    Deep breaths and open yourself up to the possibilities – you’ve overlooked something that’ll be painfully obvious in hindsight.

    Sorry to sound like a horoscopic fortune cookie

  3. Jim Avatar

    For me, sometimes it works like that. Just as often something completely different (thank you Monty Python) comes in from left field, grabs me, and wrestles me to “off task.” At that point, I usually can’t get back on task until the metaphoric bruises fade…

  4. Angelique Avatar

    I must say i had to smile at that. Been there too. Nothing like prematurely fanning out your feathers only to have them set on fire…with your psyche innocently holding the matches.

  5. Steph Avatar

    It seems to be a rule of my life: no matter how hard I fight it, the moment I or someone else compliments something I do is the moment it starts to sputter.

    Sensei has learned not to compliment my technique without tacking on a criticism immediately after. 🙂

    And the same goes for just about everything. All the years of trying to sell writing — I’ve become a very drought-tolerant plant in that time. But then, I strongly believe that if a working writer doesn’t learn to thrive on rejection, he or she is quickly going to fizzle.

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