Ruby Key first draft is done

Landed the ending, and I’m already thinking of the scenes I need to add to fill this thing out. And I’m excited about what I already have, which is always a plus.

I’m going to give myself a day off to think about other things, though. Then I’ll print the manuscript and One-Pass revise it. My final goal will be 60,000 words or greater. My objective will be to maintain very tight suspense.

Was a very, very good work day.

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5 responses to “Ruby Key first draft is done”

  1. LadyQ Avatar

    Congrats. 🙂

  2. The English Rose Avatar
    The English Rose

    Congrats! That’s fantastic. 🙂 The snippets you’ve shown us are so much fun. It can only get better.

  3. Chassit Avatar

    Congrats, Holly!

  4. TinaK Avatar

    Congrats on getting the first run though done! You made excellent time. Hopefully the one pass goes well.

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