Ruby Key Cover Art

Meant to post this Wednesday–my to-do list overran me, and I forgot. I’m sorry.

I’ve had a copy of my cover art for THE RUBY KEY for nearly two
months now. It is, in fact, my desktop wallpaper, and it is gorgeous
beyond words. I’ve been dying to show it to people, but I couldn’t,
because the artist owns rights to the image without cover copy, and
respecting those rights is important.

But I got an e-mail from Valerie C. yesterday that he’d put the cover
art up. Here’s the link.

Go take a look. I am in awe of this guy.

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10 responses to “Ruby Key Cover Art”

  1. D.RobertPease Avatar

    Wow. Very nice illustration. The funny thing is, after visiting his site, I think your cover illustration is one of the best things he has done. Must be the inspiration. 🙂

  2. Lorri Avatar

    I haven’t checked in here for a while, the USI semester was rough. I love the cover art for this book, and I am going to check out the artist. I am an artist, art major, and voracious reader, and yeah, cover art does sway me into reading a book on occasion. It is nice to see authors and writers giving artists a few cudos, lol.

  3. TinaK Avatar

    It looks fantastic with the text!!!

  4. shawna Avatar

    Oh, and my reason for pointing that out— it has the text on the cover there.

  5. shawna Avatar

    Just discovered it’s on Amazon… no linky cause I’m not sure how to do it, but it’s there if you search. 🙂

  6. JeriT Avatar

    It is absolutely gorgeous!

  7. heather Avatar

    It’s beautiful!

  8. shawna Avatar

    Wow, wonderful! (And my 11-year-old says it’s cool— and his reaction when I said, “Hey, want to look at the cover for that book?” wasn’t “What book?”, it was “The Ruby one? Is it out yet? Oh, cool! What’s the girl’s name?” And on and on.

  9. TinaK Avatar

    That is breathtaking. How exciting! I can’t wait to see the way they work the text on this beautiful cover.

  10. PaigeG Avatar

    I love it!

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