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Round 1 Testing for New Holly Lisle Writing School Website: 39 Volunteers Requested Now — 52 Comments

  1. What a pain for you. I can understand the frustration and sympathize, though not on the same scale. 🙂

    Hope you can get it to work soon.

    I’d like to be able to use another browser as backup, but my system has issues with everything but Chrome at the moment. So I’m sort of committed.

    Keeping fingers crossed for you.

  2. I’d love to help you, Holly, but did not see your message until now (6:54am UK time on 10th Sept). Unfortunately I will be at work all day and visiting family afterwards in nearby city. I hope you are able to resolve this easily. All good wishes.

  3. Sorry to read now that the tech gremlins have been making things difficult.
    I have just used this request as the final motivation to backup my computer, in order to then be able to update a veryvery old version of FireFox and thus have two brosers available for helping you in your testing process. The backup has taken awhile, and I thank you for giving me the impetus, as it is also a big stepping stone for a variety of other things I need to do and have been putting off. 🙂
    (Might just update Skype while I’m at it… 😉

    Anyway, I’d be available for a few more hours today, or tomorrow, and hope to be available if it ends up being another time. I’d love to help you! 🙂

    • Any change in these circumstances today 10/09/15 Holly?
      It is 10.55 am in England right now and I am wondering if you need any of us today/ tomorrow as am trying to prioritise you if you need help to get back up and running ASAP. MC

  4. I’m so sorry, Holly. I didn’t catch time zone difference. I wasn’t thinking far enough that early.
    That’s probably why my test didn’t work. :-/
    I’m available from 1:00 ET on.
    Again, I’m so sorry.

  5. I am around but builders are on site so I may get interrupted – not sure about the time diff – but you are welcome to try me today or tomorrow if you give me a time to suit you I can work it out from there I expect Good Luck MC

  6. Holly, I can be available between 11:00am EST to 3:00pm today and from about 8:00am to 3:00pm tomorrow. I don’t have a webcam either but screen sharing should work fine, as far as I know.

    • Thank you, Angela. I’m going to take a half-hour break at noon, so I’ll schedule you as my first test coming back, if that’s okay.

      12:30 PM to 1 PM ET.

      I’ll set up the room and send out your links.

      THANK YOU!

      • Sorry about the tech glitches, Holly. You’ll find a great solution but remember to stick to your six hours and don’t stress. ‘Everyting will be allll right’.. as per Bob Marley. 😉

  7. Holly,

    What software are you using for the video sharing? The only issue I have running linux, video chat software such as gotomeeting and such, don’t work on linux. They are all audio only.


      • OK…Looking at their web site, it appears that they do support linux. What do you have open for this afternoon? Any time after 2pm CT is good for me, or evening. (Oklahoma is in Central time just in case.)

        It either works or not, we will find out. You probably have others who use linux and this will be a good test to find out.


  8. Good morning, Holly and team.
    I can do this test pretty much anytime during your hours today or tomorrow.

    This will be an interesting part of the process. A new experience. Thank you.

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