Rewriting HAWKSPAR

I’m rewriting the first chapter of HAWKSPAR, doing the type-in and everything now. I realized that I can’t move forward in the revisions until I have that critical first chapter up to day and with all its new material nailed down — it anchors what follows, and I cannot [TC] essential scenes and know that I’m building on a solid foundation.

So when you’re looking at the WIP bar, what you’re seeing is all first-chapter work. It’s gotten both longer and tighter, with much more at stake from page one. I love what I’m getting — it’s strong and tense and rich — but I’m starting to feel panicky about the amount of time this is taking, vs. the amount of time I have. I keep telling myself that the second half of the book won’t require this level of repair. And I know that’s true.

But the first half is five hundred pages.

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