Revision for Vipers’ Nest, plus building How to Write Short Stories

By Holly Lisle

Got everything set up yesterday. So for the next week or so, I’ll be doing the revision of the 30,000-word Vipers’ Nest, and following that each day, building the curriculum for my next new writing class, How to Write Short Stories.

My Patreon folks will get the inside look at the Vipers’ Nest revision with marked-up revision pages of a couple of individual chapters for the first two levels, and a one-hour video of the type-in revision process, all with notes and explanations. Trying something different this month.

I haven’t finished counting short story questions yet, but there were over 500 when I wrapped up yesterday. Course might be a little longer than the eight weeks I envisioned, but I want to keep it as short as possible to keep the price down. I’d be happiest if I could keep it the same length as the How to Write Villains class, which is eight weekly lessons (and a lot of writing).

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