Review: CCC

Good review of Create A Character Clinic, with lots of detail.

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One response to “Review: CCC”

  1. Angelique Avatar

    Very cool. Basically sums up my feelings about it. I finally was able to print it out and am still have tons of fun. I was so intimidated by the prospect of having the “cardboard” character, the plotless plot, the boring setting that I had to FORCE myself to write. CCC has helped me in all areas because it has stimulated my creative process and the possibilities for viable plot and setting have jumped out waving through my character.
    It’s helped me rediscover the reason I fell in love with writing. Great stuff. You should pitch your workshops to Writer’s Digest or something. I have read ALOT of writing books and none of them have given me what yours have. Can’t wait to see the next in the series 🙂

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