Retrieving the Lost

Writing fiction went pretty well tonight. I got 601 words, and wrapped up the scene Interlude: Spinning Back the Reel.

Got it posted, so if you’re that far along in the story, it could show up in your mailbox as early as tonight.

I’m not sure I’m entirely happy with it. I think there’s more I could do… but I kept to the rules of the world as I have them right now, which includes denizens of Story not being able to cross the Gray, or from one Story world into another, unless led by a Spinner. And Spinners not being able to rewrite their worlds from within Story.

Like the separation of Church and State, those two requirements are necessary for limiting the magic in Talysmana, and also like them, they do limit a lot of really over-the-top power plays (which are cool in fiction and suck like a Hoover in real life).

I don’t see myself changing the rules in the revision. I do hope I’ll figure out a way to show a bit more of the magic and wonder of what just happened.

Now, though, on to Lesson 12 in How to Revise Your Novel, and Keeper Characters.

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  1. Danzier Avatar

    So I took on a new challenge tonight. I’d heard rumors about this thing, “The Sentence,” but didn’t know anything about it. So I attacked it, found out what I could, and wrote one. Long story short. I think I have a decent sentence for my story now, which should help. I’m going to skip the end of the really bad scene I just finished and move on, and change pov. And maybe go buy a new keyboard.

    So here it is: [Not sure of Genre yet]– An escaped slave boy has finally settled into his new life, but when the town is attacked by his former owner, the boy must use every secret he can to save his home—and his sanity!

    1. The Pencil Neck Avatar
      The Pencil Neck

      Crafting the Sentence forms a central part of a lot of Holly’s teaching for the Plot Workshop, How to Think Sideways, and How to Revise your Novel. It’s a very powerful tool once you learn how to use it.

      1. Danzier Avatar

        I’ll have to go through the plot workshop again; I guess I didn’t catch that the first time through. HTTS will come this summer when it opens again, and HTRYN if it opens again, probably after I’ve finished HTTS. Thanks for the heads up! 😀

        1. Danzier Avatar

          Follow-up: when I drug out the plot clinic, I found that I hadn’t finished it. I also found where my plot cards for this book went. Now I feel silly.

          1. The Pencil Neck Avatar
            The Pencil Neck

            Actually, since you brought it up, I pulled out the Plot Clinic… just to make sure The Sentence was in there… and it’s not quite in there. I mean… it is but it isn’t.

            She gives the Line for Scene concept in the Plot Workshop and explains it but in HtTS, she really pumps it up and hones the technique.

            But, what was cool is that there are some good techniques in that Plot Clinic that I’d totally forgotten about. I need to go back through that thing again.

  2. Larkk Avatar

    511 words, where MC returns home to Roseland Ranch and finds his father missing. I think I may have started the first scene without really meaning to. I wanted to have a lot more scenes planned before I start writing actual draft.
    Oh well, this isn’t Nano, there are no rules, and I will go back to planning.

    Then again, you would think almost 25k words in pre writing should be enough!

  3. Greg Avatar

    RFW: 1246
    Scene is dragging a bit, and will be endeavouring to push on and get onto the next one today.
    No other words due to invigilation commitments.

  4. DasteRoad Avatar

    I think I know that feeling of “there’s so much more I’d like to show”, Holly 🙂

    I wrote 746 words on Monday. Erthel succeeds in completing her prayer… and sees something she did not expect – which I won’t say because I’m just evil that way. This is the novel’s first big twist, and where my first handful of in-depth planned scenes ends.

    I’m having wild fun with this novel: I think I’ve found my ideal daily work rhythm and I blow words away surprising myself everytime. This is cool, and it was a long while since writing was so exciting.

  5. Deb1789 Avatar

    1314 Words.
    I like what I got, especially the way the Love Intrest/ Possible Villian came out this time. Last time I tried to work on this he kept coming out too perfect, it made my MC seem paranoid to suspect him. This time he has a ceartain sinister feel and enough baggage to make you believe he could be the bad guy. . . 🙂

  6. The Pencil Neck Avatar
    The Pencil Neck

    794 words.

    After all the explosions on the station, the Executive Officer of the Imperial Corvette runs into the bridge and has a brief and unsettling talk with her Captain who fell unconscious during the talk. While giving orders to prepare a team to go get him, another communication comes in from Station Security ordering the ship to evacuate. The XO is like “What? Are you nuts?” An Station Security is like “Hey. Don’t waste my time. Them’s the rules.” And the XO looks around and her crew is starting to fall down. She falls down and Station Security basically says “Take a deep breath.”

    Cut to: The Princess in Security saying “Take a deep breath.” Her mission accomplished, she shoots up the Security consoles and drops the gun on an unconscious security guard. She begins her trek back to her ship, directing frightened station personnel to the proper medical stations as she goes.

    Also got some good revision work done today.

    1. Danzier Avatar

      I get the feeling I know these people and their associated nouns… how long can she hold her breath while trekking?

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