Retool of The Wishbone Conspiracy Playlist

By Holly Lisle

The themes of The Wishbone Conspiracy are getting clearer for me, and I did a pretty major rip-apart of the playlist I’m using to stay focused on the novel during my two days a week, and to get myself into that place every time I write. 

I might have too many songs in the list. For some books, I’ve looped just one song (which drives people around me nuts). But this is a big story I’m telling, with secrets inside of secrets that are sneaking onto the page.

So for now, it has a pretty long list that won’t give me a lot of repetition. 

Here’s the new list. A lot more Disturbed, some instrumentals, some Chris Cornell, some old stuff that connects to this in ways I haven’t figured out yet. 

All of these are selected by the process of “Muse says so.”

Screen Shot 2019 02 01 at 11 09 19 AM

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