Requesting 5 HTRYN Grad volunteers to test inside

By Holly Lisle

Rough tests on the first section of are done.

I’m now asking for 5 students with current accounts (you’ve been using your account within the past month or two) who are graduates of HTRYN and who would be willing to go in over the weekend and use the first part of the software we’ve built.

This is still pretty rough. Rough enough that you’ll receive a “Wave 1 Tester” pip for your heroic efforts in bughunting this part of the software.

First five volunteers will receive invitations either late tomorrow or Saturday. Make sure I have good contact info for you when you post here.

Added Later

I have my five testers. If we end up making significant changes as a result of this test, I’ll invite the next folks who volunteered, in order of volunteering, and you’ll get special tester pips, too.

Thank you to everyone who’s volunteered.
You guys are wonderful. 😀

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