Replay of Manuscript Editing Chat With EJ Clarke

The Writers’ Boot Camp has added a new membership benefit.

We already had a fantastic benefit with discount and extra services for members in need of ebook and manuscript FORMATTING.

We now have an Editing and Proofreading benefit/discount.


If you prefer to watch on YouTube, HERE’S THE VIDEO LINK (opens in a new window).

This is exclusively available to HTTS Writers’ Boot Camp members, but membership is free.

If you’re not a Writers’ Boot Camp member, you can join here.

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One response to “Replay of Manuscript Editing Chat With EJ Clarke”

  1. Ariana Browning Avatar

    Watching this in bits between editing. Really enjoying it so far. Going to check out his site and bookmark for later on. Cost is definitely a huge factor in my area right now. The comma thing, too. Definitely one I am trying to get a handle on, haha.

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