Redesigning the site

I can’t write in the afternoons. The bouncing boy is up and vibrating off the walls. He likes to ask questions. No chance on long, quiet thinks, though I have tried. It is not for nothing that I haul my butt out of bed at 5 AM most mornings and 6 AM the rest.

So I’ve been redesigning the site. The new design is neither sleek nor elegant. It is, however, very easy to navigate. And (from my perspective even more important) very easy to update. I have become god of the server-side includes.

Site may be choppy for a few days as I load and refine things.

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4 responses to “Redesigning the site”

  1. miggy Avatar

    i am lost. have not been here for a while and am lost. then again i get lost walking home…

  2. Linda Avatar

    Holly, it’s a great design. And easy updates are crucial. Maintaining such a huge site without good tools could so eat away at writing time. Or family time. Or fill the well time. Great job!

  3. Jean Avatar

    And the new home page is stunning!

  4. Michael aka Highnside Avatar


    From what I have seen of the changes – you are doing a bang up job! It has seemed easier to navigate. As someone who had to keep a lot of balls in the air at the same time (i’m sure you can identify with that) things that make life earier are nice.

    Having jobs and families and other responsibilities that crowd into writing time make me appreciate such effort on your part.

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